Our Philosophy

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  • We believe that children should feel like they belong.
  • We believe that children need to feel safe, secure & supported.
  • We believe that children develop a strong sense of identity and a sense of being and understanding of themselves through positive experiences and interactions.
  • We believe that children connect and contribute to their world through aesthetic environments in which they experience enjoyable, caring & respectful relationships with people and the natural environment.
  • We believe learning about healthy lifestyles and providing physical activities daily enhances children’s wellbeing and is central to belonging, being & becoming.
  • We believe all children are confident and involved learners developing understanding s of themselves and their worlds through active learning environments.
  • We believe all children are effective communicators in the classroom and we support each individual’s interaction styles and ways of communicating with each other.
  • We truly believe that there is nothing more precious and valuable on this earth than a child.
  • We believe children need to be provided with a caring, home-like environment, where they can feel secure & loved.
  • We believe that children must have all their needs met in order to develop as whole human beings. We believe that all children need to be respected regardless of their cultural background and their additional needs.
  • We believe behaviour management should be directed at the behaviour of the child rather than the child themselves. Children need to learn self-discipline, to be encourage to problem solve for themselves, to develop conflict resolution skills at their own level, and we need to provide them with alternatives and socially-acceptable ways to express what they want.
  • We believe that social skills are essential to how well a child adapts to school.
  • When the children have mastered these skills they will be able to develop positive relationships with other children and adults, manage conflict and learn how to express their own feelings safely.
  • We believe that children in the first five years of life are developing rapidly and require a nutritious and safe diet for the intellectual behaviour and physical development. Our centre provides food and nutrition education that is consistent with national dietary guidelines for children, state regulations food safety principles, and that is appropriate to their age, religion, cultural background or medical needs.
  • We believe children should be encouraged and supported to make their own decisions and choices and seek to actively develop positive problem solving skills in a success-orientated environment. We believe in providing children with opportunities to discover and learn about themselves, others and the environment in an atmosphere that encourages harmonious and meaningful relationships.




  • We believe families are the most important people in their child’s life and should be involved as much as possible in making decisions about their child’s education.
  • We believe in respecting each parent’s child rearing practices, traditions and beliefs by implementing them as requested throughout the day via the centre’s routine. In this way we aim to achieve a true partnership between the home and the centre.
  • We encourage the families to be directly involved in our social skills program in order to reinforce a range of social behaviours that will help the children to develop friendship and get along with others.
  • We believe in the importance of providing reliable information to the families about impact of toxic cleaning chemicals have on the environment and our health.
  • We promote strategies for developing policies, practices and education that involve collaboration with families, and nutrition and health professionals.




  • Our staff tries to acknowledge the genuine strengths of the, children and then builds on looking at all children as individuals with a certain collection of characteristics who are learning, developing and adding new knowledge skills and understanding all the time.
  • Our experienced and qualified staff are enthusiastic, working closely as a team to encourage positive relationships with parents and children with open communication mutual respect warmth responsiveness and support.
  • To use different strategies to put in practice successfully the social skills programme, praising the kids for their efforts which help develop the child’s self esteem and confidence. To put in practice “A fresh clean Approach” using Honey Bee Preschool Philosophynon- toxic sustainable methods of cleaning which are effective, enjoyable and easily integrate into the modern life style.ding reliable information to the families about impact of toxic cleaning chemicals have on the environment and our health.
  • We promote strategies for developing policies, practices and education that involve collaboration with families, and nutrition and health professionals.




  • Our program is based on the Early Years Learning Framework for Children’s Services, Child Care Services Regulation & Quality Improvement and Accreditation System it incorporates learning experiences to reflect every child needs, abilities and interests.
  • We believe in our major obligation to practice in ways that acknowledge the child as capable and resourceful.
  • We believe play is the main strategy in the curriculum, when children are interested in their experiences their concentration span increases and play becomes more valuable to them.
  • We believe the child is a human being with many skills and abilities, thinking, feeling, person who is a powerful and active contributor to his or her own learning. Children alone with the people around them build their own experience knowledge and understanding.
  • We believe in the importance to include provisions in our program that help children to understand the value of friendship, good hygiene habits, dental care and road safety and also the importance of eating healthy food.
  • We also include in our program some projects, based in the children’s interests and encourage parent’s participation on them, our program gives children the opportunity to make choices arid take on new challenges.




  • We believe in encouraging and inviting in an open doors policy, where parents, families and the community are welcome to participate in our program.

Social Issues

  • The centre has policies and procedures about inclusive practices, equity and justice.
  • Management work in partnership with staff and families to create and sustain an environment that fosters learning and development for all children


  1. Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011
  2. National Quality Standard
  3. Early Years Learning Framework